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Our Resource Library

As part of our offerings, Pink Savvy provides access to additional information including publications, articles, links and more. Here you can find all of our available resources that might be helpful.


Your Cancer Care Team explains the different roles of your cancer care team, including tips on finding a new doctor and seeking a second opinion.

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Learning about your diagnosis

Understanding more about your diagnosis and treatment options can help reduce anxiety and uncertainty. Here is more information on the next steps to take.

Picking up Prescriptions

Breast Cancer and COVID-19

Coronavirus (COVID-19): What People With Breast Cancer Need to Know

Image by National Cancer Institute

Clinical Trials: Are they right for me?

Read on how clinical trials work and search for a trial that may fit your needs.

DNA Strand

Genetic Testing

Your family health history plays a big role in your risk of breast cancer.  Learn why, and what you can do now to know and reduce your risk.

Breast Cancer Awareness Race

Someone you care about has breast cancer. And whether you’re a friend, co-worker, family member or spouse, you have a very important role to play.


Quiz: How much do you know about Breast Cancer?

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Breast Surgery

Get the 411 from types of breast surgery to breast reconstruction options 



Even after you and your doctor have decided on a chemotherapy regimen, you may still have questions about what to expect and how chemotherapy will affect your daily routine.

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