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10th Anniversary of My Breast Cancer Diagnosis

I am approaching the 10th Anniversary of my Breast Cancer Diagnosis on July 5, 2011. It was about 9 months after I buried my husband that I received the call from the Radiologist “You have Breast Cancer.” Five months later my father would get sick with infection in his body, my siblings and I had to put him in a nursing home and he would die 6 months later. To commemorate my upcoming 10th year anniversary as a Breast Cancer Survivor, I did a photo shoot. Such a period of Faith and Fight your way through in my Life!!

Author: Angela Shipp


About the Author

I was born in Memphis, Tennessee. My parents and oldest sister are deceased. I have four sisters and two brothers living. I was widowed in September 2010. I have four degrees (Southwest Tennessee Community College-AAS, LeMoyne Owen College-BBA, University of Mississippi-MBA and Southwestern Graduate School of Banking (Diploma). I started my professional career as a bank examiner for FDIC in Little Rock Arkansas. After seven years, I return home to Memphis, Tennessee in 1999 to work as an Audit Manager for Banks, Finley, White & Company. Then I return today FDIC in 2007. I was promoted to my current position of Regional Accountant in 2009 and I remain in that position today.


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