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Pretty Strong

Toya Paris

At 36 years old, I was very healthy and had no history of any illnesses. One day i felt something ( slight mass) in her breast area and thought nothing of it. I showed my husband and kind of blew it off thinking it’ll go away. I then waited a few more days and with the mass still lingering, I self checked myself doing the “breast self exam” using my fingers and decided to follow up with an urgent care doctor. Test results confirmed that I did in fact have breast cancer in its early stages (triple negative stage 2b invasive ductal carcinoma). Luckily, I caught this before it spread to other areas of my body. I under went treatment and surgery at Houston’s MD Anderson Cancer Center. Despite losing all of my hair & removing part of my breast. I am a survivor and hear to tell my story. Early detection is key. Cancer is not a pick and choose. Listen to your body, LISTEN❗️At 36 these are some things we don’t even think about. Life is a gift, I'm an example of living it daily.


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