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My Test and Testimony

Cheryl Stephens

I was diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma In March 2021 at the age of 34. As a pretty healthy woman, I began experiencing very itchy breast as well as a lump. I knew then I needed to follow up with my doctor, immediately after everything happened so fast because of the aggressiveness of my cancer. I received a double mastectomy w/a DIEP flap reconstruction, 16 rounds of chemo, a hysterectomy and several other procedures.

During treatment I was in survivor mode I just wanted to get better not only for myself but for my daughter, my family and friends. Now that I’m remission I go back and reflect on my entire journey it made me realize how strong I am, it allowed me to give myself grace, and nonetheless to be grateful for life itself and to accept my scars because they tell my story.

Author Bio: December 2020 was the start of it all , I remember complaining about my breast being so irritated and itchy. I didn’t think much of it until the right one started to seem bigger and it became scaly like and that’s when I felt the lump. I called my sister over and a friend to have them feel it to just make sure I wasn’t the only one that felt something. Immediately the next day I called my dr and was told to come in.

Initially I was thinking it wasn’t anything major… “ I just have dense breast” “ I’m too young for breast cancer” is what I was saying and thinking, but the biopsy said otherwise. Sitting in that chair and being told I had cancer took me by surprise , the first thing I thought was how am I going to explain this to my daughter who at the time was just 13 , what about my dad ( who I was taking care of at the time) I was thinking about everyone else but myself. From that moment on everything went by fast,by the time I was scheduled for my surgery my tumor had doubled the size .

Still haven’t fully processed it all , all I kept thinking and saying was I need to live. I received a double mastectomy, a diep flap reconstruction as well as my port was placed all in the same day , that was the absolute worst pain I had ever experienced in my life. I then received 6 months of chemo followed by a hysterectomy, 3d Areola reconstruction I developed lymphedema and I am also on hormonal therapy for 10 years. Having experienced all types of emotions through my journey it made me appreciate the little things in life, my faith became stronger and it made me love myself even more.The cancer tested me and now I’m ready to share my testimony.


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