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A Mother-Daughter Duo on Believing in Hope

With an already close bond, my daughter and I became even closer following my breast cancer diagnosis. While my daughter was a 22-year old college senior, she also served as caregiver-an experience we chronicled in our book titled “Surviving Pink. An Inspirational Story of How a Breast Cancer Diagnosis Strengthened a Mother Daughter Relationship. Surviving Pink offers information, inspiration, and encouragement for a life-altering diagnosis. You have to keep going and keep moving forward. I was diagnosed with breast cancer on December 27,2017. With my village supporting me I was prepared and armed to battle. After a unilateral mastectomy and Chemo I will continue to thrive and live the life God has for me.

- Felicia Robinson

Author's Bio

I am an author, mother, new Gigi to my granddaughter, an educator, and a Jesus follower. I live in Alpharetta, GA. I have been married for 31 years and we have 2 children ages 30 and 25. Educating the youth is my passion and I strive everyday to spread positive vibes. I have learned that the words “encourage yourself” carries a lot of weight. You can’t pour from an empty cup, so take care of your physical, mental, and spiritual life. I am blessed to be a blessing to others.


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