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Felicia's Story

My journey started in April 2020. I was diagnosed with triple negative ductal carcinoma stage 3. My life changed dramatically and I was scared out of my mind of the unknown. In the following May I had the port put in then chemotherapy Ac 4 rounds which I handled pretty well, however it took my hair. I was devastated but got through it. The tumor shrunk with AC but later found that it was another tumor hiding behind the other one, so my doctor sped up the surgery which was October 12th 2020. Omg! I never had surgery so I was a nervous wreck but God got me through. I was under longer than expected because my blood was hard to clot. During recovery from the surgery, I started my journey at the beginning of this pandemic which made it so harder keeping my mental together. GOD IS GOOD. Radiation started and I did great with that... my skin stayed in tact. Later I go for a CT scan and the results were not good. My breast cancer metastasized to my lung. I cried cried and cried then gathered myself and prayed. Now I'm doing immunotherapy and chemo. I'm still fighting but I know I'm healed by His stripes. Recently I had another CT scan in April 2021, all spots on my lung are gone except two, and they are leaving in the name of Jesus. I do have some breakdowns but I get back up and keep fighting. It seems like I'm going through all this alone because of this pandemic but God is right with me. Thank you for letting me share my journey. God bless all the survivors and the warriors. 🙏🏾

- Felicia Wilson


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