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Fighter with Faith

My name is Catrina Marcell. I was diagnosed with Triple Negative Stage IIIB Breast Cancer on June 2021 at the age of 37. I'm also connected with holding BRCA1 Positive gene mutation. I went through the “standard” treatment that some know as chemotherapy. I had sixteen rounds of chemotherapy (AC/Taxol), eleven rounds of immunotherapy (Keytruda) but I had to stop because it gave me an acute pancreatitis. Twenty-eight sessions of radiation, thirty sessions of physical therapy. My surgeries that have taken place are: bilateral mastectomy, sixteen lymph nodes removal, tissue expander to implants reconstruction (currently 3 weeks post op).

I survived my diagnose of Breast Cancer and became presently CANCER FREE on January 31, 2022. Now an continuously, I rely on my faith more than anything. Hence; why I call myself "Fighterwith Faith". Even through I'm cancer-free, I still experience post - cancer effects with my body. Things such as; joint pain, fatigue, blurry vision, brain fogs, weight issues, fear and anxiety. I recently, just had my reconstruction and adjusting to my new body has been a lot of anxious moments. Through it all I know that am healed and loved by God and a beautiful community of fighters.

My daily goal is to advocate/empower other woman and myself by sharing my breast cancer journey, tips, resources and recommendations. To have useful information to assist in their journey that medical teams may not share. Also in hopes my story and resources guide other women to be the best advocate for themselves.


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