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Stage2 Breast Cancer under 40.

Maricia Cole

Many people including doctors don’t seem to expect young people under 40 to get breast cancer. Well one in eight of us will and I was one of those eight. Thankful to be in remission now and walking in my purpose to advocate for other young people- both men and women who will inevitably go through a similar journey like I did. I was a young fit mother - otherwise healthy. Former college athlete. Strong. I had started changing my diet to vegan/ vegetarian. But one thing I hadn’t changed was my stress levels. Things that could’ve contributed to my cancer that I couldn’t change include the age I was when I gave birth to my son, the age I was when I started my cycle, the age I started taking birth control. I couldn’t go back and take care of my hair in a more natural way… environmental exposures, toxic chemical exposures.. the list goes on.. all these things I thought could’ve contributed to my cancer.. I couldn’t go back and change. But now I can empower other women to speak with their physicians about their birth control regimens, speak with their hair care professionals about their products, be mindful of their health, beauty, and household cleaning products. I can encourage women to exercise more and eat a diet that helps to reduce cancer risks. I deem my personal experience enough to now consider myself an expert in helping other women on their cancer journeys or being able to point them in the right direction on where to get the resources they need. I have experience with being a mom to a young child during cancer, having a supportive family and friends, and having a career and working full time at the time of diagnosis. I have experience with many things related to breast cancer and am willing and ready to share my experiences to help someone else.

Maricia was diagnosed with Stage 2 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Breast Cancer in March of 2020 at age 36. Maricia was an otherwise healthy young mother surprised by this diagnosis but she kept positive. Maricia had always tried to be aware of her body and get routine check ups. Once She discovered a lump and nipple discharge she knew she should get a professional assessment. Following a mammogram and multiple biopsies it was confirmed that Maricia had breast cancer. She started chemotherapy right away followed by a double mastectomy and 28 rounds of radiation. Maricia is so grateful to now be in remission and on her survivorship journey. She’s an advocate for other young women coming behind her hoping to give them resources and education she didn’t have.


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